Welcome to my sewing blog

Welcome to my sewing blog! As a mom and housewife, I have extensive experience in sewing everything from dresses to pillow covers, curtains and breastfeeding pillows. You name it, I have probably done some sewing in that area. I have even done some re-upholstery at one point!

Having recently relocated to a different country I suddenly found myself without any of my trusty sewing supplies. No patterns, no overlocker / serger and I had to find a way of recreating my favorite patterns. That, and I had to sew up a whole bunch of new clothes. But I struggled finding the items and had to resort to teaching myself how to sew without patterns, how to create my own patterns and how to sew without having an overlocker to prevent my created items from fraying.

Most of all, I suddenly found myself in a country where the terminology for the different sewing items and accessories was different. I spoke about an “overlocker” and people did not know that I meant a “serger”. I spoke about a “base pattern” instead of a “basic sewing block” or “sloper”.  In addition to find myself again with sewing I had to learn the new terminology.

My aim in this blog is to help you get answers to some of the questions you may have about sewing as well as teach you some tips and tricks. And in return, that you will spread the word about my site! Please also click on the Facebook like button on the right hand side in the margin.

Please feel free to read any article in any section that you may need help with! Also please take note that will be using Amazon and Google to generate some revenue for this website as soon as a business licence has been obtained.

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