How to sew straight

How to sew straight

I thought in this post I would help with tips on how to sew straight. There is nothing worse than a garment that has been made and the stitching is all over the show, right? It’s sometimes blatantly obvious that things haven’t gone that well if the person that sewed it did’nt sew in a straight line.

Well our first tip on how to sew straight is to relax. Sewing straight is really not that complicated. The machine does most of the work for you and even if you have really shaky hands, you can still manage to sew straight.

The thing to remember about sewing straight is that your hand is used as a guide. Your hand guides the machine’s path and fabric just to go in a straight line. So here is how to sew straight

Firstly, fold the hem or seam you need to fold and pin it, measuring in a straight line with a measuring tape to make certain that your seam or hem is straight when you fold and pin the hem.

The next thing is to find the place on the sewing machine where you want the seam to be sewn. The sewing machine is equipped with a hem guide plate right by the needle. The hem guide plate has a series of little measurements and lines. Each line represents a place where the hem can be sewn or the edge of the fabric can be placed. Choose which line you want to follow and place the edge of the fabric on that line.

It’s quite easy how to sew straight. The next thing you do is to gently guide the fabric as you sew. Keep the edge of the fabric on the hem line that you chose on the guide plate of the sewing machine. Don’t deviate from that guide line to the next guide line. This will help. Your hands need to gently guide the fabric as the sewing machine does the rest.

So as you can see, there is nothing to it! I hope this little bit on how to sew straight has put your fears at rest and that you see that it’s not so difficult to sew a hem or seam straight as you thought before.

Practice how to sew straight:

The best way to teach yourself how to sew straight is to start practicing it. Take the tips you have learned here and apply them and practice them on your sewing machine. The more you practice how to sew straight, the straighter you will sew and the better you will become. Like they always say….practice makes perfect!

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