Easy Bias Binding Tutorial

Easy Bias Binding Tutorial

I recently had to urgently make some bias binding for a project I was working on. The pillow case dress tutorial I was drawing up has a link to this page, so I can link right back to the dress in case you want to see what the bias binding looked like on my pillow case dress I made. Just click on the “pillow case dress tutorial” link to see how the bias binding turned out.

Anyway, don’t get stuck not being able to continue with your sewing project when you don’t have bias binding. With a little creativity you can come up with stunning bias binding in a very easy way that will leave people’s mouths hanging open. It really will blow them away.

I have tried to put together a little easy bias binding tutorial for those days where you absolutely have no other option but to make your own. It really is easy and will take about half an hour to make using this bias binding tutorial.

Step one is to decide how thick you need your bias binding to be. The tutorial does not show the measuring of the thickness, but it’s pretty easy. If you want the bias binding to be an inch thick to the eyes, you need to cut it two inches thick. If you want it to be half an inch thick, you need to cut it at least one inch thick. It needs to be two times the final thickness when you’ve cut the strip you want to make bias binding of. Also remember bias binding goes around something, so your final thickness is half the actual thickness of the bias binding.

How long must the strip be? Well, as long as you need it to be. I made short little strips in this bias binding tutorial because it’s all I needed. But you may find that you need at least two meters. Then you need to cut two meters of bias binding strip.

The next thing is to serge both sides of the bias binding (all along the strip) or if you don’t have a serger, to use a zig zag stitch on your sewing machine. For a zigzag stitch, the closer you go to the edge of the fabric, the neater the zig zag will be as the sewing machine will automatically turn the last little big of edge over into a tiny but neat fold.

bias binding

Once you’re done serging, fold each side of the bias binding in towards the middle so that the right sides face up on the inside. Then iron it flat. There is the bias binding.

bias binding

To apply the bias binding, you can see my tutorial on “how to apply bias binding” to help you get a better idea of how to use the bias binding.

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