How to sew on a button for a button hole

Once you have your button holes, you need to sew on a button for each button hole. The problem comes in when you don’t know how to do this correctly. You could end up sewing the buttons all skew and they look funny as the button hole and the button isn’t aligned properly.

In this easy explanation I will show you exactly how to sew on a button for the button hole. The first thing you can do is put the garment face first down on the table or a hard surface. The button holes should now be at the top facing you. Now you are going to mark the buttons positions through the button holes already there. Take a fabric marker, tailors chalk or even a pencil to do this. Make a mark through the button hole on the fabric below the button hole. This will show you exactly where the button should be sewed on.

How to sew a button for a button hole

The next step to sew the button for the button hole is easy. Now you put the button on the bottom part of fabric where you have just made the mark. The mark should be in the centre of the button. You can either sew the button on by hand or you can use your sewing machine to sew on the button.

If you’re wondering how to sew on the button for the button hole using your sewing machine, just use the 2-4 setting of the button hole sewing setting. Carefully by hand, turn the nob of the sewing machine to make the needle go down through the button and go to the next hole. Do not use the pedal to sew the button, but use the nob and gently turn it making sure that the needle doesn’t hit the button but goes through the button hole. Do this about ten times until the button has been sewed on.

This is a very easy hack if you are wondering how to sew a button for a button hole. I hope this has helped. If you want to know how to sew a button hole, please look at my page titled how to sew a button hole.

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