Basic Singer Sewing Machine

Basic Singer Sewing Machine from Amazon

What you need when you start sewing is a basic singer sewing machine. These machines are great and have the perfect starter sewing machine features put there by Singer.

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Singer 1304 Start Basic Everyday Free Arm Sewing Machine with ZigZag, Blind Hem Stitches and More

The sewing machine comes with everything you need for basic sewing machine skills.

An automatic bobbin winding system for winding up your bobbins, stitch selection and automatic tension. No need to worry about how you are going to get the stitches not to look like it’s busy threading.

The singer sewing machine has six basic stitches to choose from, ideal for someone just starting out with sewing. The stitches this basic Singer Sewing Machine has is straight, zigzag, buttonhole, scallop, satin and blind hem stitching. These are the basics any beginner sewer would start with. There is an easy stitch selection dial making it really easy to find the correct stitch for your project.

In addition to these features, the sewing machine comes with three free accessories. The accessories include a pressure foot, an LED space light and a free arm convertible (that helps when you sew sleeve hems etc with the small space you have to move the fabric around the machine with.

When you purchase this basic Singer sewing machine on Amazon, you can download the user manual right there on the product page. It explains in detail how you can start your sewing on this basic sewing machine.

This basic sewing machine is ideal for use in Canada and the USA with power settings of 72 W or 110 Volts. Do not try to use this elsewhere.

The Basic Singer Sewing Machine is forsale on Amazon with quick prime delivery. To buy this machine, click on the image above or click on this link:

Singer 1304 Start Basic Everyday Free Arm Sewing Machine with ZigZag, Blind Hem Stitches and More

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