Which sewing pattern size?

How do I know which sewing pattern size to use when I get a pattern for sewing? I mean, it’s confusing. Do I just pick my size from the local clothing store and cut out that size on the fabric? What if I need to convert it to another measurement or worse, the size I cut out of the pattern does not fit!

Patterns do not work that way. They are fully adjustable. That means you can cut the pattern to fit your body. You don’t need a specific size all the way around the pattern. Your sewing pattern size will be the one that fits your body. Let me explain how that works.

Firstly, on the front of the sewing pattern is a size that the particular pattern is sold for. For example 6-10. If you need a different size, you need to ask for one, say 12-18. See the image below. In this image the size of the pattern is in the top left corner under the pattern number.

Now, when you flip the pattern over and look at the back, you will see a size chart. The sewing pattern size chart starts with what you need to measure in order too know what size to make. Bust, waist, hips and neck to waist at the back. I will explain these below.

The bust measurement is the measurement either in centimetres or inches that it takes the measuring tape to get around your bust (chest). Start by 0 and finish off by where the measuring tape meets the start of the tape. That is your bust measurement.

The next is your waist measurement. Your waist is where an elastic would sit on your middle basically. Hips is about four fingers down from your waist at the widest section of your middle. The back of the neck to waist is from the knob in your neck at the back down to your midde. If you are short and stockey like me, you may want to also look at measuring the cecumference of your legs below your hips.

Now that you have those measurements you can work out the sice of pattern you will need. You just follow the line down to the size for your measurements.

What if your pattern size measurements stretch across two or three sizes, you can then adjust your pattern and cut for example the shoulder part a size twelve and the Middle part a size 14. I don’t recommend this for people who are just starting out with learning how to sew and choose pattern sizes.

For a more in depth explanation on sewing measurements click this line.

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