How to sew a seam

How to sew a seam without a serger

Sewing done the right way can produce good quality and lasting results on garments, unlike some things you see in the shops that fray. But the problem is that if you don’t now how to sew a seam, it could be a problem in that fraying can start occurring. Sewing seams is an every day thing every seamstress needs to know.

I’m going to show you how to sew a seam in the next couple of paragraphs. It’s really that simple. Whether you have a serger or not, it’s not difficult to learn how to sew a seam on any type of garment or sewing project, whether it is upholstery or clothes that you are busy with.

The first thing is that the seam needs to be cut. A straight seam is 90% of the work done already. Once you have a straight seam, the how to on sewing the seam is a lot easier than trying to navigate jagged edges.

The next thing that needs to be done is that your seam needs to go through a serger to work a finish for the seam that won’t unravel. But don’t say “I don’t have a serger so now I don’t know how to sew a seam”. If you don’t have a serger it’s not that hard. You simply set your sewing machine setting to zigzag. If you sew on the zigzag on the edge of the fabric your machine may turn the very edge around into the zig zag seam. I have included a photo below to see.

How to sew a seam
How to sew a seam

When you are done sewing the zigzag around the edge of your garment, you need to pin the seam. Pin all around at the same width right around the fabric. This will make you sew the seam straight instead of going skew. Just remember to take the pins out as you sew the seam, before your sewing machine needle hits a pin! If you have a pin cushion, take the pin out right before the sewing machine needle is about to go over it and and put it in the pin cushion.

How to sew a seam

Make sure that when you sew a seam on anything, it’s straight. You can’t just pin the seam straight. You also need to sew the seam straight. This is very important otherwise your garment or project may just turn out skew.

Of course, you are not done learning how to sew a seam. The last thing that needs to be done when you’ve sewn the seam is to iron the seam. This will help to make it straight and press it neatly.

How to sew a seam

I hope this has helped in educating you on how to sew a seam. You can use this method to sew a seam onto almost anything and everything that needs a seam. If you are still wondering about how to sew a seam, feel free to browse this website under “sewing basics” as there are many tips and tricks you can follow to make sewing easier!

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